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*Conference language: English. Only the paralell Satellite meeting 8th. National Conference on Maritime Medicine will be in Spanish
* Registration fees, hotels, social program (Tarragona and Barcelona city with surroundings visits) consult periodically in our website. Those interested in receiving a printed copy of the final programmed please sent your data to the Secretariat. We are at your disposal willing to see you soon in Spain! Thanks for your attention.


Spain 2003




How to present papers

Download the final programme in pdf


The organizing Committee of the 7th. International Symposium on Maritime Health invites everyone involved in the field of maritime health to submit abstracts. Authors will be notified on acceptance of their papers (oral communications or poster presentations). Our Scientific Committe will decide according the following aspects: subject relation (see the tentative topics), innovation, scientific quality, opportunity etc.
In a separate paper rules of presentation can be clarified. Structure: introduction, methodology, results, discussion, conclusions, Vancouver style for references. We will only admit papers available in a word processor (preference: Word or Word Perfect) and figures in files (make available a diskette or CD or preferably send it by e-mail IMHA@online.be or semm@semm.org). See 7th.ISMH secretariat postal address.

Once the communications accepted, multimedia tools (projector for slides, transparencies, Power Point …) will be at your disposal for presentations, you should specify your needs. Bio-data should be sent to the secretariat in order to guide the chairpersons of the round tables during the meeting. In general, plenary papers will be allowed 15 minutes for presentation. Posters should set up on Tuesday (22nd April) afternoon, recommended size 90 (wide) x 120 (long) cm.
* All authors are expected to submit their full manuscript of their presentation. We have the intention to include it in the documents of the meeting (CD and some published in the Maritime Medicine Journal). Please do not delay sending them

Tarragona 22,23,25,26 & Barcelona 24

Spain, April 22-26, 2003

We are delighted to announce the celebration of the Seventh International Symposium on Maritime Health (April 22- 26, 2003) and we invite you to attend our meeting. This time, it will be held in Tarragona (former capital in Roman times, declared World Heritage by UNESCO) and one day in Barcelona (present capital of Catalonia), the main harbours of this outstanding and cosmopolitan area with Autonomous Government in the North-East of Spain. We will gather maritime health related specialists in the world. The conference will feature symposia, workshops, year-in-review, poster sessions and post-meetings. Some of the topics to be featured include: medical attendance, emergencies on board, temedicine, occupational risk prevention, safety and hygiene, marine animals pathology, infectious diseases, vaccinations, workshops of spirometry, ecography etc.

The 14th annual scientific meeting organised by the Spanish Society of Maritime Medicine, Sociedad Española de Medicina Marítima - SEMM - , a national Conference, will be included as a satellite meeting at the end. Besides, we have the pleasure to share an important innovation in the organisation of these international meetings - this is the first time than the International Maritime Health Association (IMHA) has been involved so directly in the organisation of the event. We thanks all the persons and institutions that are giving support to this Symposium.

Step by step, with this new opportunity to communicate our experiences in maritime medicine, with the goal of acquiring new tools to improve the health of all the persons involved in maritime activities, taking in mind assistential, occupational, preventive and psycho social aspects .... Here it is our warm invitation. We are just willing to say WELCOME from our heart, we have a lot of work and enjoyment to share together. For more information about the conference call +34,655360705 or email semm@semm.org.

Dr. M. Luisa Canals
Chairperson Organizing Committee

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