Lighthouse, health surveillance at sea   IMHA Research Group

    • MHA Research Group proposal was presented in Brest, 12ISMH, June 7th, 2013 (A meeting chaired by Luisa Canals and Alf Magne Horneland) -> Download the Minutes.
    • It was taking the MARIN meeting proposal as background, Poland, June 12th, 2012, chaired by Don Prisno III. -> Download the Minutes
    • From the proposal of this MARIN group, in an IMHA board meeting, the objectives, tasks and other points were stated in a text. -> Download the draft text
    • Now, it is the turn of IMHA Group Researh to reach a consensus of what document of rules and regulations we want for this group. Some discussion by e-mail was active in September 2013 -> Download some proposed changes in that text, download some communication e-mails with the IMHA President
    • And an excel file with the members was created, the Group is open, just send your data and justify your interest.
    Now, we want to use different methods to collect your comments, in the meanwhile we wait for a new IMHA board meeting (last one was in February 3rd, 2014 in.  London). Read here want they expect from us by now:

    1. A draft mandate has been developed (see it in the IMHA website > member section > forum > Research), based on the MARIN document. In this document, few items have been changed, to allow the group itself to develop the document further. This document lack a clear distinction between  VISIONS, OBJECTIVES, AIMS AND ACTIONS. It is important to be able to measure our achievements, and define scopes which bring maritime health research forward. This will be the first task for the group.

    2. The link between IMHA and IMHA research is defined in the document. It is also described in IMHA Bylaws, in accordance with the new Article we got at the GM in Brest. These parts of the document should not be changed. Political statements and consensus documents intended for public access, should be endorsed by the IMHA Board of Directors, prior to publication. IMHA Research talks externally through IMHA Board of Directors. This will, however, not interfere with the professional freedom of scientific publication, which should be completely exempt from influence from IMHA Board of directors.

    What can you use for your comments?:

    1. The IMHA website forum: Research (you need to login, register, possibility for all IMHA members and invited IMHA Research Group users) -> go to
    2. We have created a questionnaire form in google drive to collect, in a transparent way, your comments related to that proposed working group text (here it is the direct link Once you send them, you'll be abe to see an excel summary file.
    3. The possibility of using the e-mail of the  interim chair (Luisa Canals e-mail: until the group has decided who they want to lead/chair and a steering committee is approuved. We have also created a mailing list for those that have applied to be members of IMHA Research Group
    4. A website to download some documents (texts, minutes, presentations, summary of comments ...) and give information of the activities is being created. In the meanwhile you can find a temporal link here


    Proposals of activities coming from some of the members, which become interim members of the steering committee of the IMHA Research Group:

    1. Advisers for Research Projects, training of researchers ... : Olaf Jensen, Don Prisno Tercero, Henrik Hansen, Jørgen Riis Jepsen  ... e.g EU Horizon proposal
    2. Organisations related to Maritime Health and Bibliographic References data base, communication tools: David Lucas, Lucas Viruly, Lygia Therese Budnik
    3. Help to publish scientific articles: Maria Jecewska, M. Luisa Canals, LM. Shafran ...
    • Barcelona (Spain), October 18th, 2014. Meeting of the IMHA RESEARCH GROUP and 1st practical activity: Trainig Worshop:
    • "Better and more maritime epidemiological research! - how to improve the culture of research and publication".  You can see and subscribe for other joint activities inside the 8CIHFMM and SEMM 25 Anniversary in English, Spanish and French ->25 Anniversary SEMM

    Thanks for helping IMHA Research group, we expect your collaboration

    Updated: 15-02-2014


    Visit IMHA website at - login to enter in the members' area > Forum > Research  (In General you'll find docs) . The information letter is in

    Find the docs temporarily in the links of this webpage